Embark on an intergalactic journey with Galaxy Coin, where the impossible becomes possible and the unknown becomes known. As dedicated pioneers in the field of blockchain and space exploration, we are committed to launching the next generation of space enthusiasts into the cosmos. Get ready to blast off into the world of the unexpected with our electrifying comic book series, set in a universe where Galaxy Coin and other XRPL tokens are the currency of the cosmos. But we don’t stop there! Our Gallery of Galaxies collection, in partnership with empowering organizations, will help elevate and support youth education by donating a portion of every sale. Join us as we virtualize the familiar and blast off into a world of endless possibilities!


  • Company Overview: Galaxy Coin LLC is a provider of NFTs for educational institutions in the field of Earth and Space Science. Our goal is to support the education of underrepresented youth and minorities by generating funding through NFT sales. We provide a comprehensive suite of NFT services, including ideation and minting, leveraging the low-cost and efficient XRP Ledger.


  • Mission Statement:  Our objective is to advance the utilization of blockchain technology by providing accessible NFT services. We are dedicated to fostering the creation of thriving NFT collections and catalyzing growth and acceptance within the space industry.


  • Company History: Established in November 2021, Galaxy Coin LLC was formed with the aim of supporting the aerospace industry and the future workforce in space-related occupations. Galaxy Coin was successfully listed on Bitrue in December 2021, marking the beginning of our journey to establish a dominant presence in the marketplace.


  • Market and Services: Our NFT services are tailored to meet the diverse needs of various stakeholders, including companies, organizations, and retail customers. Some of the value-added services we offer include featured placements on our social media channels and weekly email announcements.


  • Organizational Structure: Our team currently comprises seven dedicated members, and we are actively seeking to expand. To learn more about us, visit our team page.

Total supply​

311.988 Trillion as of 09/27/2022

Originally 1 Quadrillion

650 Trillion burned TxIDs:56EF98FF154141C461B8EA3D9F4E285F93EB5D1068C344F1A94A27E353681DC3



Circulating supply

293 Trillion


The long-term vision of Galaxy Coin is to become a leading player in the NFT market and play a significant role in promoting the adoption of blockchain technology. Our focus is to support and enhance the education and career opportunities for children and minorities in the space industry. Through the creation of our NFT collections, we aim to provide organizations with accessible and effective fundraising for charitable causes.

Galaxy Coin offers a comprehensive suite of services to ensure a seamless and efficient NFT creation process for clients. Our talented artists can turn creative ideas into tangible NFT assets that can be sold or auctioned to raise funds for various causes or events. Our goal is to reduce barriers to entry and increase exposure for organizations, regardless of their experience with blockchain technology. By leveraging our expertise, we aim to create thriving NFT collections and drive growth and adoption in the space industry.

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