Galaxy Coin is dedicated to helping the next generation of space explorers venture through space. We work to accomplish this goal by creating products that bridge the gap between the blockchain and people of all ages. The education division is focused on creating blockchain-based curriculums that provide an active learning experience for kids and teenagers. Furthermore, we are bringing to market a comic book series based in a universe where Galaxy coin and other XRPL tokens are utilized regularly. Our Galaxy Goddess collection will support women and non-binary organizations by donating royalties. We believe that virtualizing experiences and things we are familiar with in the real world will result in a faster adoption rate overall.


  • Company summary: Galaxy Coin LLC provides NFTs for Earth & Space science education institutions which help fund education for youth & minorities. We offer services from concept to mint. We are built on the XRP ledger, which offers comparably low fees to other blockchain markets.
  • Mission statement: We offer NFT services with a low barrier to entry to help foster adoption of the blockchain & encourage growth in the space.
  • Company history: We formed in November of 2021 to find a way to help the aerospace industry and the future workforce for space occupations. We listed Galaxy Coin on Bitrue in December of 2021 with great success. Our focus is to create the NFT marketplace and offer services as soon as possible.
  • Markets and services: We offer services to various groups, companies, and retail customers. Some of the premium services we offer are a featured placement on our social media pages or in a weekly email announcement.
  • Operational structure: We currently have seven members and are looking to grow. Find more about us on the team page.

Total supply​

311.988 Trillion as of 09/27/2022

Originally 1 Quadrillion

650 Trillion burned TxIDs:56EF98FF154141C461B8EA3D9F4E285F93EB5D1068C344F1A94A27E353681DC3



Circulating supply

293 Trillion


What is the long-term goal for Galaxy Coin? To achieve the many goals of the Galaxy Coin project, we require the flexibility and access that utilizing current marketplaces cannot provide. With the creation of our marketplace, the goal of boosting children’s options for education and occupational paths in the space industry will be served well. The Galaxy NFT marketplace will provide organizations with a platform to release NFTs for various charitable causes. Galaxy coin can offer several services to make the experience as hands-off as possible for the client. Our artists can take their ideas and create NFTs that can be auctioned or sold for various fundraising events. This all-inclusive approach reduces the barriers to entry and increases exposure to any organization regardless of their blockchain experience.

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