Meet the team behind this
awesome project

Mathew Martinez

Has deep roots in the central coast and has also been fortunate enough to experience many launches from nearby Vandenberg. He became a member shortly after joining an aerospace company where we all met, and he added a much-needed element to the team. Mathew brings his marketing and product sales experience to help us form new partnerships. Mathews’ passion for rocketry is only outmatched by his ambition to help humanity reach beyond the moon.

Angel Echeverria

Born and raised on the Central Coast, she has enjoyed many rocket launches from nearby Vandenberg Space Force Base. Her passion for enriching education for children and the less fortunate will ensure that none of them are left behind in the coming intergalactic revolution. Her experience with Discord and social media campaigns rounds out the team perfectly and will foster future growth.

Chad Martinez

Living on the Central Coast near Vandenberg, he has enjoyed many launches over the beautiful backdrop of the Pacific Ocean. Chad’s experience in computer science and programming is a vital asset to the project goals. His passions include hiking, wine pairings, and volunteering to fix computers at local schools. Chad is committed to helping the next generation reach beyond the moon!

Matthew Johnson

In between California road trips & surfing the beaches on the Central Coast during his childhood, Matthew attended many aviation shows and rocket launch events at Vandenberg AFB. These experiences and being an avid Sci-Fi enthusiast have fueled his passion for starting the Galaxy coin. He is an entrepreneur, project developer, and founder with over 20 years in technology. Matthew has worked with big data and development companies and several successful startups. He recently joined the aerospace industry and has worked for well-known leaders in orbital space services. Together with his wife, they created the mission for the Galaxy coin. He is propelling the next generation beyond the moon!

Eric Nickerson

A longtime resident of the Vandenberg area and aerospace enthusiast. Eric currently works in the aerospace industry and has a successful rocket launch on his record. His experience includes working as a senior Network Launch system technician and having fewer than ten years in the information technology sector. He brings his skills in computer science and network technologies to the project and his passion and desire to support the next generation of explorers.

Christina Johnson

Has a background in education and a passion for helping our youth reach their full potential. Christina is already helping teach children in our community about Earth and space science as a part-time teacher. She has been instrumental in lifting Galaxy Coin off the ground and fiercely advocating for children’s education. Together with Galaxy Coin, she will positively impact people worldwide and, someday, the galaxy.