Meet Our Heroes

Embark on a thrilling journey through the galaxies with the Galaxy Guard comic book series, exclusively available on the XRP ledger! Get ready to be transported to a world where blockchain technology reigns supreme and join Zero-G and his daring crew as they embark on exciting missions and use cutting-edge XRPL currencies like Galaxy Coins. With each turn of the page, you'll be taken deeper into a rich and dynamic story unlike any other, while also directly impacting the total supply of Galaxy Coins as the plot unfolds. Join us now and discover a new dimension of storytelling that educates and entertains, all on the revolutionary XRP ledger!

Join Zero-G on an epic journey through the universe as he transforms from an intergalactic Ranger to a stranded hero. As he investigates corruption within the government, Zero-G finds himself discharged from his post and stripped of his rank. But, his journey doesn’t end there. While on a routine spacewalk, his ship is thrown into a wormhole and crash-lands on a mysterious planet. Surrounded by unfamiliar surroundings, Zero-G soon realizes he is not alone. He forms a team of unlikely heroes and sets out on a mission to make it back home and bring justice to the universe. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure with Zero-G and the Galaxy Guards!

Characteristics: Fearless, humble, and never goes anywhere without his hat.

Skills: Crack shot Rayslinger, physics, & astrophysics.

Weapon of choice: Zero’s trusty matter displacement device, also known as Ronora.

Meet Bellatrix, the fearless warrior and skilled mechanic who adds a touch of mystery to Zero-G’s journey. With a pirate’s attitude and genetic modifications from a secretive upbringing, Bellatrix proves to be a force to be reckoned with. Join her and Zero-G as they embark on a thrilling adventure filled with action and excitement. Will her past be revealed? Will her true intentions come to light? Find out in the Galaxy Guard series, where nothing is as it seems.

Characteristics: Trust issues, cusses like a sailor, dependable.

Skills: Certified space vehicle systems engineer, Geologist, and Home World long jump record holder.

Weapon of choice: Plasma torch, eternal flames.

Follow Sebastian’s journey from the envy of his peers to a banished rōnin. With a remarkable rise in the rebel army and a title as the most trusted advisor to his lord and master, Sebastian’s legacy was set in stone. But, his path to happiness with the love of his life, Sara, was short-lived. Jealousy and deceit destroyed his reputation and family honor, leaving Sebastian to work in the harsh conditions of a desolate planet’s slave mines. Join Sebastian as he fights to reclaim his dignity and return to his family in this epic tale of love, loss, and redemption.

Characteristics: Honorable, trustworthy, loves a good meal.

Skills: Meditation, swordsmanship, culinary arts.

Weapon of choice: Katana blades

Canis was a devout servant of Xolotl, a religious order, until a tragedy rocked his world. A fierce warrior and a true believer in the scriptures, Canis devoted himself to the faith and its rituals. But when his beloved wife and daughter fell ill and passed away, his faith was shattered. Fueled by anger and despair, Canis began to question the very beliefs he had devoted his life to. He spoke out against the inconsistencies he found in the religious text and challenged the status quo. This caught the attention of the high priestess, who sought to silence Canis before his dissent spread. But Canis refused to be silenced. Despite being subjected to a secret trial and being banished to a life of slave labor, Canis remains unwavering in his pursuit of the truth. Follow Canis as he stands up against an oppressive religious order and fights for a brighter future.

Characteristics: Fierce defender of traditional & family values, risk taker.

Skills: Ballistics expert, combat specialist, karaoke champion

Weapons of choice: Particle‐charged saber, grenades & various things that go boom!

Felis, the legendary rebel leader, has a story that’s beyond belief! Born from the cosmos without a womb, Felis quickly rose to fame as the chosen one to end the rule of the brutal false god, Narcety. With a fierce army by his side, Felis stormed into Narcety’s chamber, ready to challenge him to a battle for freedom. But just as victory was within reach, something strange happened. Felis fell to his knees and surrendered, leaving his followers in shock. What could Narcety have whispered to Felis to bring him to his knees? Sentenced to a life of slavery in the notoriously dangerous tarutara V prison colony, Felis faces an uncertain future. But one thing is for sure, his journey towards redemption will be filled with twists and turns, and his story is not one to miss!

Characteristics: Bold, & wise but impatient.

Skills: Planning & organization, hand‐to‐hand combat, a sucker for a good movie.

Weapons of choice: Throwing stars and Sai‐inspired weaponry, charisma.