Meet Our Heroes

The Galaxy Guard comic book series is a new way to engage audiences in a unique story available only on the XRP ledger! We aim to educate readers with little knowledge of cryptocurrency to a universe where blockchain technology is the norm. The Galaxy Guard comics will chronicle the adventures of Zero-G and his new friends as they travel through distant galaxies to complete missions & use Galaxy coins and other XRPL currencies. A notable feature of the series is that the storyline will directly reduce the total supply of Galaxy Coins as events unfold.

Bio: Zero‐G’s story begins with him as an intergalactic Ranger who policed the Orion arm of the Milky Way. On a routine call to respond to unruly protests, Zero‐G discovered corruption within the intergalactic government that was working to silence their voices. He found their cause to be just and true and, therefore could not carry out the orders and attempted to expose the source of impropriety. Unfortunately, this backfired as the malfeasance ran deeper than Zero‐G expected. He was discharged from his post and stripped of his rank shortly after. Zero‐G now works as a technician supporting the defense shield around Kepler 589‐c. His tedious job as a space repairman is about to get more interesting. While performing a routine spacewalk, his ship is hurled through a wormhole. Zero‐G crashes onto a planet in an unknown Galaxy and is stranded in solitude, or so he thought. Join Zero‐G as he endeavors to make it home and, along the way, forms a group of unlikely heroes who become known as the Galaxy Guards!

Characteristics: Fearless, humble, and never goes anywhere without his hat.

Skills: Crack shot Rayslinger, physics, & astrophysics.

Weapon of choice: Zero’s trusty matter displacement device, also known as Ronora.

Bio: Bellatrix is encountered by Zero‐G during his first adventure. She is a skilled mechanic and fierce warrior. Bellatrix has the attitude of a pirate, and it is never quite clear if she is out for herself or genuinely cares about this group of castaways she ended up with. She has several genetic modifications as a result of experimentation during her upbringing. Bellatrix’s past is shrouded in mystery, and we hope to learn more throughout the Galaxy Guard series.

Characteristics: Trust issues, cusses like a sailor, dependable.

Skills: Certified space vehicle systems engineer, Geologist, and Home World long jump record holder.

Weapon of choice: Plasma torch, eternal flames.

Bio: Sebastian was the envy of his peers as he rose in the ranks of the rebel army and gained the favor of his lord and master, Sohei. After many years of battle and conquest, Seb’s legacy would bolster another feat by becoming the “Mano Del Rey,” the most trusted advisor to Sohei. Together they would govern harmoniously for an age. After some time, Seb turned his attention to settling down and eventually met Sara. Within weeks their love blossomed & they were inseparable. They seemed destined for happiness…Or so they thought. Sohei harbored affection for Sara and became excessively jealous of their relationship. Unfortunately, Sohei could not cope and instead enacted a plan that destroyed Seb’s reputation and family honor. Seb is now known as a rōnin and has been banished to a desolate planet to work in the slave mines. Please find out more about Seb and his struggle to return to his family and restore dignity to his bloodline

Characteristics: Honorable, trustworthy, loves a good meal.

Skills: Meditation, swordsmanship, culinary arts.

Weapon of choice: Katana blades

Bio: Canis was a loyal servant and follower of a Xolotl style of faith until he was struck with a personal disaster that challenged his beliefs. Canis’ is a fierce warrior and a strict believer in the scriptures he lived by. His only weakness is his love for his wife & Daughter. When they were struck ill by a new plague, Canis feverishly prayed and followed all the healing rituals he could find. Sadly, they passed away, and Canis was left alone and in despair. His anger grew, and he began to challenge the very beliefs he had been upholding his entire life. Canis began to break from tradition and became vocal about inconsistencies in the religious text. This caught the attention of the high priestess, who sought to quell the rebellion before it started. Canis endured a secret trial, as the fear of becoming a martyr was too great; he was sent to work as a slave laborer for the rest of his days.

Characteristics: Fierce defender of traditional & family values, risk taker.

Skills: Ballistics expert, combat specialist, karaoke champion

Weapons of choice: Particle‐charged saber, grenades & various things that go boom!

Bio: Felis is said to have manifested from the cosmos and was born from no womb. A brutal false god
has ruled his world for far too long, and many thought Felis to be “The One” to end the tyranny for good. Felis led a rebellion against the false god Narcety, and the tide seemed to go their way at first. Felis stormed into Narcety’s chamber and offered diplomacy, Narcety whispered something, and Felis quickly fell to his knees. He surrendered and told the rebellion to do the same. What could Narcety possibly have said? Felis was sentenced to life in the tarutara V prison colony, where the average life expectancy is 18 months. Where will his journey for redemption take him?

Characteristics: Bold, & wise but impatient.

Skills: Planning & organization, hand‐to‐hand combat, a sucker for a good movie.

Weapons of choice: Throwing stars and Sai‐inspired weaponry, charisma.